Reseach Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering


End-to-end Development of Time-dependent Geo-targeted Alerts and Warning Enabled by Dense Observations of the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami by the Asthenospheric and Lithospheric Broadband Architecture from the California Offshore Region Experiment (ALBACORE)


Tsunami/earthquake research in seismology and civil engineering is being combined with findings from empirical social science research on public responses to warnings to develop enhanced tsunami warning messages in order to improve appropriate protective action taking among members of the public. This project focuses on 2011 Tohoku tsunami data to show how messages can be developed based on data analysis that increase specificity of geo-location, time to impact, and hazard impact, and integrated into the tsunami warning system. In 2011, a dense array of seafloor pressure gauges off southern California recorded the Tohoku tsunami with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.

Project Components


Monica Kohler, Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Caltech
Jean-Paul Ampuero, Seismological Laboratory, Caltech)
Jeannette Sutton, Department of Communication, University of Kentucky

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Funded by the National Science Foundation Hazards SEES program