Research Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering


Asthenospheric and Lithospheric Broadband Architecture from the California Offshore Region Experiment (ALBACORE)


The objective of the ALBACORE project is to understand the tectonic interaction at the Pacific-North America plate boundary by identifying the physical properties and deformation styles of the Pacific plate and nearshore microplates. The results will be used to distinguish among contrasting upper mantle geodynamic scenarios that predict large-scale mantle flow patterns beneath western North America. This will be accomplished through seismic studies using ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) array data.

The results will characterize the driving plate motion consequences of collision between the rift system, a fragmented subducted plate, the lengthening of the San Andreas transform fault system, and block rotations. The boundaries for the seismic array overlap the region of complex breakup and fracture of the Pacific plate near shore where several microplates are observed, and extend far to the west to provide comparison with oceanic lithosphere that is not fractured and has formed at a uniform rate. The results will aid in understanding the boundary forces due to relative plate motions, the driving forces and characteristics of oceanic and continental scale deformation, and how the continental margin accretionary process is influenced by offshore tectonics.

Experiment Design

Analysis Projects


Monica Kohler, Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Caltech
Dayanthie Weeraratne, Department of Geological Sciences, CSU Northridge

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